About me

Hello! I am a doctoral candidate in the Department of Political Science at Duke University.

I will be seeking academic employment on the 2023-2024 job market. CV

Research Areas

Race/Ethnicity: My dissertation examines public opinion formation and intergroup behavior among white Americans, especially those who express ostensibly progressive racial attitudes. A short article that motivates this research agenda by tracing an unprecedented liberalization in white Democrats’ racial attitudes has been published open-access in Public Opinion Quarterly.

Political Psychology: I have a number of political psychology projects exploring how personality, identity, and political engagement/sophistication influence public opinion formation. Some of my work on this topic has been published in Political Behavior.

Replications: I see immense value in replication studies. So far, I’ve published three: (1) a study on the contingent relationships between personality and ideology in Public Opinion Quarterly; (2) a study reevaluating the relationships between affective polarization and political values in Political Science Research and Methods; and (3) a study on the association between psychological authoritarianism and 2016 primary voters’ candidate preferences in Research & Politics.

Duke RA Hiring

I am currently project manager for the Politics and Polarization in Mainline Protestant Congregations research team. Duke students with interests in religion, American politics, or quantitative text analysis seeking paid RA positions, please contact me.